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Reflector Tab

Reflector Tab: also known as the contour marker, the English name Delineator, which is a traffic safety facility that is set along the edges of both sides of the road, is used to display the outline of the road boundary, guide the normal driving of the vehicle, and has retroreflective performance. Functionally speaking, the contour marker is a sight-inducing facility. According to the different setting conditions, it can be divided into two types: free-standing contour marks and attached contour marks. When there is no structure on the roadside, the outline is a column type, which is composed of a column and a retro reflector, and is independently set in the roadside soil shoulder. Its main structure is a triangular cross-section column; when there are structures on the roadside, the outline is It is attached and consists of a retro-reflector, a bracket and a connector. Depending on the structure, the contour markers can be attached to the corrugated beam guardrail, concrete guardrail, tunnel side wall and cable guardrail, respectively.

Anti-glare board

The anti-glare plate is a traffic safety product that is manufactured and installed on the central partition of the expressway to solve the glare of the opposite car lights. It is mostly installed on the guardrail of the central separation belt of the expressway or between the guardrails, and some are set on the movable guardrail of the central opening. The materials are divided into steel anti-glare plates, plastic anti-glare plates, and FRP anti-glare plates. In terms of appearance, common straight bars, anti-S-shaped, anti-relief anti-glare boards, highway landscape anti-glare boards, etc. are common.

Noise Barrier

Noise Barrier is mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction in traffic and municipal facilities such as highways, elevated composite roads, urban light rail subways, etc., and to control the impact of traffic noise on nearby urban areas. The design of such products fully considers the wind load of the road, the impact safety of traffic vehicles, and the different climatic conditions in various regions of China. It can be widely used on both sides of the highway to reduce noise. Material: metal: aluminum plate, galvanized plate, color steel plate, etc. Non-metal: glass steel (transparent material) pc endurance plate, laminated glass, acrylic plate, sunshine plate, etc. Surface treatment: high voltage electrostatic spraying (various colors can be sprayed as needed) Weather resistance and durability: The product has the characteristics of water resistance, heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, etc., and will not cause performance degradation or abnormal quality due to rain water temperature changes. Beautiful appearance: a variety of colors and shapes can be selected to combine with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape. Various specifications can be produced according to customer needs.
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